Sociodyne puts Social Media to Work

socio- Of or pertaining to interactions between people
dyne A unit of work

Sociodyne is my social media consulting practice. It is just me and an excellent supporting cast of business, marketing, and technical folks that I have assembled over the last year. I provide services from technology strategy advice to implementation of that strategy through the use of social technology (think: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, OpenSocial, etc.). Previously, I co-founded Ringside Networks, which was broadly recognized within the social media technology community as an “up-and-comer”. Unfortunately, that effort failed, but what I learned from that experience was incredibly valuable. If you would like to request more information, or even just to chat, please send email to

The Web Site

This web site is operated on, with customized images being served from Amazon’s S3 service. I’d like to thank the operators of these fine services, even though I pay them and thank them with my wallet. Never before has it been so easy to set up a presence online with good functionality at a reasonable price.


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